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Small projects for NWA Routes: grant application ACKnowledge approved

Good news! The application from Artists Community Knowledge (ACKnowledge), consisting of three sub-projects, has been approved. The three sub-projects were selected after the online meeting of September 4th by the members of the Art route-steering group and applicants.

ACKnowledge (Artists Community Knowledge) investigates art as an alternative form of knowledge production, as defined as one of the three 'game changers' within the Art route. The subprojects focus on three different art practices: art libraries, artists' self-organized communities/collectives and artists' material craft practices.

The three subprojects deal with the development of new concepts and new knowledge in contemporary art practices that are also potentially significant for other societal areas. Their overarching research question is: How can we reveal knowledge that is embodied in contemporary arts practices and share it with a larger public?

Read more about other projects that are receiving funding within the programme Small Projects for NWA Routes 2020 from the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA).

Researchers and partners
The following researchers are involved in ACKnowledge: Remco van Bladel (ArtEZ University of the Arts), Dr. Florian Cramer and Simon Kentgens (Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam), Dr. Josué Amador (Codarts University of the Arts), Johan Oomen, M.A. (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid), Prof. Dr. Alec Badenoch (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities, Art and Culture) and Mariana Lanari (Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture, Universiteit van Amsterdam).

Collaboration partners: Kunstinstituut Melly/Formerly Known as Witte de With, Het Nieuwe Instituut, De Appel, Casa do Povo, EUScreen, Re:vive, Dropstuff, AVA_net

Artistic research
The goal of this project is to literally ACKnowledge these new forms of knowledge. The sub-projects will translate implicit, embodied and situated knowledge in art practices into explicit and more generally accessible knowledge and investigate underlying concepts.

The subprojects will be done as artistic research – i.e., following Borgdorff's definition, as "research in and through art practice" which "unites the artistic and the academic in an enterprise that impacts on both domains. (1) The overarching research question for the three subprojects is: How can we reveal knowledge that is embodied in contemporary arts practices and share it with a larger public?

The researchers are pleased that their application has been approved and look forward to putting their plans into practice.

(1) Borgdorff, Henk. "The production of knowledge in artistic research." The Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts. Routledge, 2010, p. 45, p. 44-45.

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Apply for the NWA-ORC 2020/2021 selection committee

NWO is looking for members for the selection committee within the NWA-ORC 2020/2021. This committee assesses the appropriateness and quality of the applications, with the help of external advice from experts and an interview with the applicant. The committee then determines a prioritization of the applications. Based on this ranking, the NWO Executive Board decides which applicants will be awarded funding.

In order to achieve a balanced assessment of the applications, it is very important that representatives of the humanities, as well as representatives of the still relatively new field of research in the arts, are part of the selection committee. The committee is also explicitly open to lectors.

Are you interested? Then you can register via this form. Contact the coordinator of the NWA-ORC 2020/21, Varsha Kapoerchan, for more information via: nwa-orc2020@nwo.nl, (0) 70 349 44 42.

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NWA-ORC 2020: matchmaking meeting on 6 November, initiatives published online

Update: The digital matchmaking meeting took place on 6 NOVEMBER. The information below is still relevant, but some dates have already passed.

The deadline for submitting initiatives for the big NWA-ORC call 2020 (1 October) has now passed. The initiatives have been placed online, so it's possible to prepare for the matchmaking meetings. A new element this year is that the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is making participation in a centrally-organised matchmaking meeting compulsory for those submitting initiatives.

On Friday 6 NOVEMBER 2020, from 10:00 AM till 12:20 PM, the Art route and the NWO will be organising a central matchmaking meeting. It will be a digital matchmaking meeting, which will take place via Zoom. During this meeting, initiators will pitch their plans and there will be the necessary space for making each other’s acquaintance and consultation about possible collaboration. Please note: The NWO is making participation in the matchmaking meeting compulsory for everyone who has submitted an initiative.

Are you not submitting an initiative yourself but would you possibly like to join someone else's initiative? Then you can also participate in the session. Please send an email to nwa-orc2020@nwo.nl, stating the name of the route, your name and email address, and the topics you are interested in.

The preliminary registrations must be submitted to the NWO by 14 JANUARY 2021.

Please find below the (indicative) schedule for the NWA-ORC 2020:

  • 1 October 2020: Deadline for submission of initiatives
  • 6 November 2020: Matchmaking meeting
  • 14 January 2021: Deadline for submission of concise applications
  • End March 2021: Applicants will receive advice about submission of full application
  • 24 June 2021: Deadline for submission of concise applications
  • June – September 2021: Assessment by experts and reply
  • November 2021: Selection for interview phase by assessment committee
  • December 2021: Interviews
  • January 2022: Decision by NWO executive board on remuneration

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Small projects for NWA Routes: three subprojects selected

Update: on 4 September, we had an online meeting with the members from the steering committee and initiators regarding this call. Three subprojects were selected. The information below is still relevant, but a number of dates have already passed.

At this time, a call for 'small projects for NWA routes 2020' is open. With this call, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) wants to offer the NWA routes the opportunity to be involved in concrete terms with applications within their own field and to increase the chance of applications that are relevant to their own field, namely by financing small projects for the NWA routes. Submission for this call are possible via three small applications of €50,000, or a combination thereof.

The projects can focus on an innovative idea within the specific field of the arts or on utilisation of existing knowledge in the field of the arts. The small projects must, in this way, contribute to subjects relevant to the route and increase the scientific and/or social impact of the route. We kindly ask initiators of small applications to inform the route coordinator stella.blom@routekunstnwa.nl of their plans no later than 17 August.

As communicated previously, we have a meeting with the members from the Art route steering committee and initiators regarding this call on 4 September. Due to the developments regarding the coronavirus, a decision has been taken to hold this meeting entirely online, vie Microsoft Teams. The time has also been changed: from 13:00 to 15:00, initiators will give a presentation further to their research plan.

To ensure the most transparent process possible, we will share the applications with all participants prior to the session. On 4 September, everyone will vote on each other’s proposal in accordance with criteria that can be found below. The research proposal ties in logically with the nature of the route; the role of the artist and the artistic practice is of paramount importance. You may not vote on your own proposal and the figurehead and coordinator will not vote themselves. In this way, the route community will choose the project that is going to be submitted. Submission of the application to the steering committee and participation in the online session are conditions for participation in the application.

Please register for the session by sending an email to stella.blom@routekunstnwa.nl.


I. Connections

a. Degree to which the subprojects contribute to new and unexpected connections

b. Degree to which a transparent process has been followed in order to arrive at a selection of the proposed subprojects with broad backing and support has been created
II. Relevance

a. Degree to which the subprojects give substance to subjects relevant to the route

b. Degree to which the subprojects increase scientific and/or social impact of the route
III. Project structure

a. The proposed subproject has a structure/form as a result of which the proposed idea can be executed

b. The proposed project budget is realistic and supports the structure of the project
c. The subprojects are interrelated.

The call is already open and the deadline for this call is 29 October 2020, at 14:00. You can find more information about the call on the NWO website via this link.


The call concerned states that an important condition for admissibility of the application to be submitted is consulting and involving a sufficiently broad community connected to the Art route. In our opinion, the members of the steering committee have an important role to play in order to guarantee this. The steering committee has been expanded one year ago with representatives from various research associations/knowledge institutions/disciplines/fields. We can also well imagine that the big NWA ORC application previously submitted provide a basis for smaller subprojects. That application was prepared with input from various parties. Together with the procedure that we followed with each other as research steering committee in the past year, insight has been gained into what the field needs and when application tie in with what's going on in the field. At the same time, the call is open to new ideas and collaborations, and the projects can broaden the reach of a (potential) community.


Figurehead Janneke Wesseling and coordinator Stella Blom from Art route consider 'suitability' to be an important criterion. Moreover, the uniqueness of the arts research and the extent to which it ties in with a specific discourse in the arts field are an important criterion. They pay attention to the role of the arts and artists in terms of the theme, the problem definition and the execution/relevant cooperation partners. Wesseling and Blom think that the route is helped most with applications that fulfil these criteria, because it offers a unique opportunity to advance the specific discourse of arts research and the contribution of artistic practices in research.

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Share your feedback from the Idea Generator call

Forty research proposals from individual researchers will be financed from the Idea Generator of the Dutch National Research Agenda. Unfortunately, none of the applications from the Art route were granted. We like to learn from feedback, so that applications in the next call are actually successful.

At the request of the NWO, applicants for the Idea Generator have assessed each other's project proposals anonymously. Each assessor made a ranking of the applications and wrote an explanation with each ranking. These substantive motivation texts were sent to the applicants. The NWO cannot disclose the texts to us, but we would like to learn from the comments that the applicants have received.

Did you submit an application to the Idea Generator that was not granted? We kindly ask you to share your experience with submitting the application and the result with the route management: Stella Blom, coordinator Art route
 (stella.blom@routekunstnwa.nl) or Janneke Wesseling, figurehead Art route (janneke.wesseling@routekunstnwa.nl).

We will, of course, treat the information confidentially and not share it with third parties without the permission of the applicant. If you, as reader of this message, know someone who made an application, could you please forward this request to him or her?