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Call Small projects for NWA routes 21/22: deadline postponed and timeline adjusted

The deadline for submitting proposals within the call Small projects for NWA routes 21/22 has been postponed. This means that the timeline as a whole changes. Below you can find the new dates.

Routes can apply up to a maximum of €300.000. Within the proposal by route Kunst three small projects with the size of a maximum of €90,000 each kan be included. The remaining budget of €30,000 is for overhead costs, such as administration, evaluation/intervision and accountability by the route-management. The maximum duration of the total project is 2 years. 

We ask researchers who want to submit a proposal to inform route coordinator Stella Blom about their plans via e-mail stella.blom@routekunstnwa.nl no later than 2 MARCH. A message with the names of the applicants and the working title of the project is sufficient.

TUESDAY 22 MARCH 2022 is the latest date to submit a project proposal. You do this by submitting a proposal that matches the criteria of the call to Stella Blom stella.blom@routekunstnwa.nl.

You can find a template for the proposal here (the proposal can be max. 2 pages long): section-3-template-for-subprojects.docx
You can find the budgetform here (you only have to provide 1 subproject tab): budget-form-kleine-projecten.xlsx
Here is an example of a proposal that has been approved: voorbeeld_nwa-route-kunst-project_gehonoreerde_aanvraag_21.pdf

The research proposal is logically in line with the nature of the route; the role of the artist and the art practice is paramount. Information about the principles of the Art route can be found on our website.

On WEDNESDAY 6 APRIL 2022 there will be a meeting where the initiators will pitch their proposal to an external panel. The external panel advises the route management on the selection of projects for the final proposal.

On WEDNESDAY 20 APRIL the results will be shared with the applicants.

On TUESDAY 10 MAY the final proposal will be submitted to NWO.

Within the call for proposals Small projects for NWA routes 21/22 the route management of each NWA route can apply for funding for up to 3 small projects. These projects focus on an innovative idea, promotion of utilization of existing knowledge or synthesis of existing knowledge.

For the subprojects the choice can be made:

  • Innovative: explore a new, out-of-the-box idea or;
  • Synthesis: merging of existing knowledge to arrive at new insights which contribute to the knowledge agenda, ambitions and/or game changers of the route;
  • Knowledge utilization: (research into or for the purpose of) knowledge utilization, valorization and implementation of existing knowledge.

Read more about the call on the NWO-website.